CK Landscape, and the products we use embrace a new way of thinking about fertilizing. No longer is it necessary to use broadcast fertilizing techniques. You can get a better result for your landscape, for less money, while virtually eliminating negative environmental impacts. Fertigation (fertilizing through your irrigation system) is a process that is a more responsible and smart way to water and feed your entire landscape.

CK Landscape has successfully adapted the key delivery aspects required for fertigation to the residential, commercial and municipal landscapes. We have incorporated fertigation’s proven benefits into an easy to use, reliable system for commercial and residential properties, as well as for nurseries and growers.

Our fertigation system carefully feeds the entire landscape with natural fertilizers through your irrigation system, caring for the soil and all plant life. The usual method of using Synthetic fertilizer is like adding steroids to a plant system. This creates unhealthy shock and stress, facilitating great harm to a plant’s infrastructure. Our fertigation system feeds with all natural bio-stimulants gently, with each watering cycle, giving the plants a healthier root system. This process makes them stronger and more drought-tolerant. Using this method, we re-introduce all natural micro-nutrients back into the soil, recreating the natural biology of the forest in your yard. This way of micro-dosing virtually eliminates fertilizer run-off.

Young landscapes mature more quickly, and a healthy landscape can resist attacks by insects and weeds. With natural fertigation, your landscape has a consistent, no surge growth resulting with a vibrant root system and a much healthier plant!

With the implementation of this system and with proper management, water usage can be cut back by up to 35-50% within 1 year, while making your yard more lush and beautiful than ever before. Furthermore, we can deter insects, gophers, and moles with an all organic critter control.

The amazing things accomplished by our fertigation systems have made numerous local, and national media outlets take notice. Eucalyptus, San Francisco Bay Area’s resource for green and health-conscious lifestyles, recently CKWS fertigation systems in an in-depth article. Click the link below to hear what they have to say.

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