ABOUT CK Landscape

Based out of San Francisco, and Danville, CA, we are a family owned company with combined experience of over 72 years.  We provide top quality service Bay Area wide. CK Landscape and our dedicated Technicians are preserving the world's most precious resource as efficiently as possible. And featured in Magazines, Newspapers, and Television Shows; the reason being simple: Our work is unrivaled in beauty, unmatched quality while saving the Bay Area millions upon millions of gallons of water. We are spearheading the movement concerning Water Conservation and Landscape Sustainability; we are always changing the industry process.



Owner / Operator

Alex Cartwright is a Bay Area Native and raised in and around the family business of Landscape Development. Educated in New York, Alex has traveled the world over discovering irrigation methods long forgotten by western cultures. In Australia, he received a degree in Ecology, and it was there that he was educated in Greywater/Rainwater Catchment Systems and learned about Bio-Stimulants and the countless benefits for soil and plant life. From the deserts of the Gobi to the Jungles of Cambodia Alex is well versed in all aspects of irrigation. Alex is a certified Water Conservation Manager, Certified Irrigation Technician and is considered an authority on the subject.


Owner /Operator

Gary Cartwright has been in the Landscape and Construction industries for over 47 years. His work published in Diablo Magazine, Contra Costa Times, Better Homes and Gardens, and Sunset Magazine, among others. He has been awarded multiple awards in the industry including a Gold Medal at the prestigious San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, and Best Garden through the CLCA awards. Gary has the ability and the vision to make some of the most beautiful landscapes in the industry out of almost anything. His creativity, adorability, and expertise are unrivaled in Northern California.

Matthew Cartwright

Owner / Operator

Matt Cartwright has been involved in the Family Business since he was 12 years old. While he attended school, he spent every summer learning and developing his creative talents in the landscape industry. Matt is an expert in horticulture, irrigation, hardscape, and has one of the best eyes for design in the industry. Along with his incredible creativity and uncanny problem-solving skills, Matt is a tremendous asset to any landscape project.