Artificial Turf & Putting Greens

Our installation team prides itself on providing the premier synthetic turf lawn systems in the Bay Area. That’s because we refuse to cut corners; this includes state of the art stitching. Our infill system is second to none, and you will never see any discoloration due to infill in our lawns.

CK Landscape uses the highest quality synthetic lawns on the Market.  As an installer only we use a variety of the Best Synthetic Lawn companies, Made in the USA, on the Market always tailored to your tastes and your yard.  We know your synthetic lawn is important to you, that’s why we install the most natural-looking lawns possible that will last for years to come.

Our Putting greens designed to help of various Pro Golfers flown in from all over the state.  We designed and installed greens and pitch n put courses that have been stated to have the best performance any person or golf pro has ever experienced in a synthetic green.

One of the key elements related to the performance and longevity of a backyard synthetic green is the quality of the base system; this includes our unique compaction methods and special types of base rock and crushed aggregates. At CK, we take the time to construct bases properly, using specific types of stone and proven compaction methods.

While the quality of our grass materials is second to none, it is the design and installation process that truly differentiates CK from other backyard synthetic lawns and putting green companies.

One of the greatest benefits to owning a CK synthetic lawn is the minimal maintenance that they require. Of course, weather and other environmental factors can affect the performance of your green. Your CK Landscape installer provides ongoing service and maintenance plans to keep your green and lawns performing optimally.