At CK Water Systems, our goal is to bring people and nature together. The CK system implements all natural elements into your yard creating astounding results, utilizing the world’s most precious resource as efficiently as possible.  We are obsessed with creating perfect outdoor environments that enrich both human and natural life.

We take pride in our role as leaders in the emerging field of water management, sustainable landscaping, professional maintenance, restoration, and native plant horticulture. Using state of the art technologies, our landscapes are more beautiful and water efficient than all of our competition.  Save water and money while making your yard more healthy, lush, and beautiful than ever before. We believe in eliminating fertilizer run-off while bringing the natural micro-biology back into your landscape.  This results in an all organic approach to both functional beauty and water conservation.

CK Water Systems goal is to bring water management to the the Greater Bay Area of California. To offer individuals and businesses the opportunity to reduce water consumption and help California conserve this invaluable resource. We serve the entire Bay Area including San Francisco, the North Bay, the Peninsula, the East Bay, San Jose, Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz, San Benito.

The water crisis isn’t about rainfall per year, it’s about supply and demand. As our population continues to grow, our water sources do not, resulting in drought that only worsens with time.

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