When people ordinarily think of water and the majestic Marin County of Northern California the above picture usually comes to mind.  Or a scene with the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay water glistening.  But today Marin County residents and home owners are in the midst of a water crisis.  Years of mismanagement of the water supply by the state government, increasingly dry conditions and an ever expanding population have pushed the water resources of this paradise to the brink.  In 2008, the Marin Municipal Water District issued an emergency order to cut water usage by 25 percent!  In 2009 the Marin Municipal Water District and North Sonoma County Water District issued an edict to cut water used for landscaping by an additional 20 percent!!  What is a homeowner or business to do?

Cut Irrigation Water Usage by Over Half!  

Landscaping is a major contributor to use of water in any residential or commercial property.  A simple fact that no one can deny.  So what are the solutions?  Rip out the investment and destroy your building's aesthetic value?  Pave over everything with either concrete or toxic plastic lawn?  NO!!  CK Management Systems has the green solution to all your water usage issues!!  Through our revolutionary use of fertigation, native sod & native plants smart irrigation timers, drip systems & rotary sprinklers, grey water systems and rainwater catchment & harvesting we are the all in one source for your green, water saving solutions.  Through our state of the art & organic approach to water management we have succesfully cut clients water bills by 70 percent! 


We serve the entire Bay Area with a renewed focus on Marin County.  The water crisis isn't about rainfall per year, it’s about supply and demand. As our population continues to grow, our water sources do not, resulting in drought that only worsens with time.  For this reason, we must act today in all the individual communities of Marin County to end this water crisis together!!  

Come see how CK Management Systems can help you save water, go green and do your part to end this terrible drought.